Who are IRIS?

Hey, hello! We’re IRIS. We wanted to reintroduce ourselves. IRIS is a team of digital product specialists that combine industry know-how and real-world experience with our extensive digital product network to source, place, and support the building of incredible teams.  

We understand the challenges that professionals in digital product face – from staying ahead of emerging trends, to building and supporting complex cross-functional teams. 

IRIS is driven by the mission to bridge the gap between extraordinary talent and visionary companies. But we're not just about job matching – we're all in to make sure brands up their hiring game. 

Whether it's creating job postings that welcome everyone, designing a fool-proof, winning interview process, sharing top-notch onboarding tips, or even helping with Employer Value Propositions, IRIS is there for brands no matter where they're at.

Our mission

We started IRIS because we believed the recruitment process could be made awesome for everyone. 

For businesses:

We want to make sure amazing brands don't miss out on incredible talent just because of outdated hiring practices, and find the best people for their product teams.

And we go beyond recruitment, providing the tools, resources, and expertise you need to build a culture of innovation, develop a world-class team, and drive your business's success in the digital product space.

For candidates:

We want to be here to help talent showcase their absolute best to the job market, and land that dream product role. 

We're all about helping great people find their perfect fit. That's why we're committed to not only finding you the perfect role, but also helping you thrive and advance in digital product. 

With IRIS, you're not just a candidate; you're part of a community dedicated to your success and growth.

Our values

The only way we can show you how good we are at what we do, is by doing it. 

At IRIS, the very least you will get from our team is an honest, friendly and genuine approach to filling your product vacancies.  

And you can be sure that we live and breathe our values, and they’re our promise to everyone we work with. 


We are here to be trusted and do the right thing by you.  You will have candour from us every step of the way. 


Respect for everyone is paramount


We love the recruitment process, we want you to as well


When we match you, we’ll ensure there is alignment in your beliefs


Trust and friendship, in all our activities, is a given 

Our Team

Dan Hoff-Rodrigues - Managing Director

Dan has 14 years in the recruitment industry. In this time Dan helped support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider careers in tech, whilst creating an inclusive meet up called Our Smart Brum which showcased some of the West Midlands most innovative tech companies.

Beyond the business world, Dan is deeply passionate about fostering equal opportunities for the next generation in the ever-evolving tech and digital landscape. He believes in empowering young minds to thrive in these fields regardless of their background and actively supports initiatives aimed at levelling the playing field.

Glen Duncan - Operations Director 

With almost two decades of commercial operations experience across print, broadcast and ad tech, my background has led me through high profile corporates such as Virgin Media, Financial times and The Guardian, before growing the global operations function at high growth start-up Unruly for over five years as a member of the Executive team. 

Following a successful acquisition by News Corp, my adventures led me to 383 where was responsible for creating a more scalable business and developing the talent program. Now at Iris, I want to help businesses reshape the way they hire forever.

Why choose IRIS?

The talent acquisition market is a pretty busy place - for businesses and candidates.  

So when you’re looking for an agency to help you find and recruit your next digital product superstar, how do you separate the wheat from chafe? 

At IRIS, we like to think we are the wheat. The best wheat. The wheat that makes beer, cake, and bread. 

From our close association with our sister company, 383 Project, and our ever-growing community of product superstars at Canvas, we are already well-placed in the digital product space, and continually finetune our approach to recruitment for brands, as well as create interviewing experiences for talent to showcase the very best of themselves. 

If you’re a brand and looking for the right superstar to grow your team, give us a call. You might also need help designing the interview process, onboarding tips, or how to accelerate your employer value proposition. We love this stuff, and we are here for you.

If you’re a talented product person looking for your next challenge then look no further. We’d love to talk to you to understand your wants and motivations and see if there’s a great brand out there you could call home.  

It all starts with getting in touch with us via hiya@foundbyiris.com or browsing our latest jobs

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