Webinar | Employee onboarding for product teams

Effective employee onboarding is crucial for any organisation's success.

It sets the tone for the employee's entire experience and can determine their engagement, productivity, and retention. 

A well-executed onboarding programme can help new hires feel welcomed, supported, and equipped with the tools they need to succeed in their new role.

When onboarding a new employee to a product team, you should invest in them, in the same way you would for the users of your product - you wouldn’t want a user deleting their account and going elsewhere once you have acquired them? 

But what does good employee onboarding look like? In this age of remote and distributed teams, what are some key staples that set the tone for a great onboarding experience for your new starters? Is there a blueprint you can follow for your product team onboarding that can be rolled out time and time again, with great success? 

In this 30m webinar, Glen Duncan, Co-Founder of IRIS, shares his successes with onboarding practices and shows the ways product leaders can blueprint onboarding to help create a future-proof and watertight experience for all new starters. 

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Glen Duncan

1st May