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Our regular perspective on the world of talent, and how to attract it

IRIS is Born. It feels great to be able to say this out loud. Myself and my business partner, Natalie, couldn’t be happier to bring our thinking and approach to digital product recruitment into the world. 

For a long time now, we’ve chewed the fat on recruitment best practice, and what it really takes to find and Build extraordinary product teams. With our close association to 383 Project, and community of product heroes at Canvas, we’ve worked hard to finetune an approach to recruitment for brands, and create an interviewing experience for talent to showcase the very best of themselves. And now we want to share it with you.

If you’re a brand and looking for the right superstar to grow your team, give us a call. You might also need help designing the interview process, onboarding tips, or how to accelerate your employer value proposition. We love this stuff, and we are here for you.

If you’re a talented product person looking for your next challenge then look no further. We’d love to talk to you to understand your wants and motivations and see if there’s a great brand out there you could call home.  


We can only prove what we say through doing.  What I can promise you is that you will get nothing less than an honest, friendly and genuine approach.  We pride ourselves on our values, and these are our promise to you.


We are here to be trusted and do the right thing by you.  You will have candour from us every step of the way. 


Respect for everyone is paramount


We love the recruitment process, we want you to as well


When we match you, we’ll ensure there is alignment in your beliefs


Trust and friendship, in all our activities, is a given 


Talent acquisition is no mean feat, and you can expect to hear from me regularly on the do’s and don'ts of hiring for extraordinary product teams on our blog.  I’d also love to field your questions and stories, I’m always up for a chat, doing talks or sharing new perspectives with the world. Hit me up at anytime! 

What’s inspired me recently...

I’ll be sharing things I’ve read or watched too, anything that we all need to be considering in the quest for great talent, or when looking for our next opportunity.  And I’m kicking off with this..

The Reset: Ideas to Change How We Work and Live, Elizabeth Uviebinené

A provocative read about life reimagined for you, business and communities beyond the pandemic, and a great view on how to get back in touch with what’s really important.  

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